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Do I Need Planning Permission To Install Air Conditioning In A Conservation Area?

The summer heat can be tough if you live in a city such as London. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to live in a conservation area, it can be difficult to modernise your property. This is particularly true if you want to install air conditioning. So the question remains, do you need planning permission to install air conditioning if your property is in a conservation area? The answer is no, not necessarily!

How do I know if I live in a conservation area?

You can easily check whether you live in a conservation area through your local planning authority (LPA). Find your local planning authority here.

Air Conditioning Planning Permission in A conservation area

Certain areas and buildings around London are protected for their architectural or historical significance. Local councils tailor restrictions specific to certain areas. Planning restrictions are usually concerned with the exterior of buildings. If you are looking to install a traditional air conditioning system with an external unit, you will most likely have to request permission. Due to the nature of the restrictions, it can be difficult to get approval for this type of air conditioning system as the condenser is visible from the outside of the building.

On the other hand, if you install an air conditioner without an outside condenser unit that operates with low noise output, it is likely that you do not need planning permission.

Air conditioning solutions for properties in a Conservation Area

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

The good news is that there is an air conditioning solution for properties in conservation areas. You can install a water cooled air conditioning system if your property is located in a conservation area. Water cooled systems have no requirement for planning permission or an external condenser. These units operate with low noise output and therefore offer the ideal solution for restricted properties.

What are water cooled air conditioners?

Water cooled air conditioning is the only alternative to traditional air conditioning. The only difference is that the system is plumbed into your mains water supply and relies on water instead of air to cool the designated space. You can therefore install the condenser unit inside the property, as opposed to an external wall. As a result, you can install an air conditioner regardless of property restrictions. They are therefore ideal for apartments and Grade II listed buildings.

Installation engineers hide the condenser in a concealed space within the property, for example in a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. This means that you do not have to compromise on the visual aesthetic of your home or commercial space.

We can help

At ACS Installations, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the ideal air conditioner for your property. We provide a bespoke installation service for residential and commercial properties with restrictions or limited space. Our team of friendly engineers are available for free consultations and site surveys. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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