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Post-Brexit Boost For London Startups

Although many people fear the consequences of the recent vote for Brexit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is committed to ensuring that the current climate isn’t all doom and gloom.

As part of his campaign to show the world that London is very much still open for business, Khan has ploughed over £2.5m into the capital’s soon-to-be startups, unveiling a new line up of advisors featuring some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The London Co-investment Fund, as the fund will be known, will offer investment for early-stage technology, science, and digital startups in and around London.

Since the EU referendum took place in June 2016, 20 startups have secured funding from City Hall, including MoM Incubators, Vallie, and Hubble.

Khan has been quoted in the press stating: “I have promised to be the most pro-business mayor that London has ever had – and now I’m delivering on that promise.

“And our great city is fertile ground for promising startup businesses from a whole range of sectors. The level of investment being made and the performance powering forward shows very clearly how London is open to new talent and innovative ideas.”

And it’s not just London startups that can expect a boost – in the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor Philip Hammond promised £400m of venture capital investment for startups across the country, which, alongside private investment, is expected to unlock up to £1bn.

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