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Stay cool with an ice cream this summer!

During the summer months, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to rise to 30 degrees or more in the UK, especially in London.

From taking a dip, and digging out your favourite shirts, shorts and shades, through to investing in air conditioning to keep the spaces you spend the most time in cool and comfortable, there are plenty of ways to ensure that summer isn’t a chore – allowing you to enjoy the sunshine without getting unbearably hot and sticky!

And there’s one particularly tasty way to stay cool this summer…

Here at ACS, we’re lucky enough to work in the capital, meaning many of the city’s most popular ice scream spots are right on our doorstep! So, if you’re struggling with the heat, why not pop into one of London’s many ice cream parlours?

Here are some of our favourites:


Situated just across the street from Bocca di Lupo, Gelupo should be your first port of call for a tantalising scoop of ice cream, with a difference!

Founded by Jacob Kenedy, this delicious ice-cream parlour offers a catalogue of exciting flavours including everything from fresh mint stracciatella, ricotta, and sour cherry, through to blood-orange sorbet.

Just don’t be defeated by the queue! Trust us, it’s worth the wait!


Here you’ll find a delicious range of old school ice cream flavours that are all served up in a traditional lidded pot with a spatula.

All of the flavours at Gelatorino are freshly churned everyday in machines from Italy. Don’t miss their famous Biscotti signature scoop!


With its no frills vibe and grab and go convenience, Lick should be your first port of call for a delicious sorbet or thick, creamy ice-cream when you’re enjoying the sunshine in Soho.

Situated close to Soho Square, this ice cream parlour is renowned for its ‘no nasties’ policy, creating all of its ice creams from fresh milk and cream.


Located in Soho and South Kensington, Scoop serves up delicious scoops of ice cream made from the Channel Island’s finest milk and pistachios imported from Sicily!

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