Stuffy flat? Invest In Air Conditioning With No External Unit

After a long and busy day in the heat, the last thing you need is to come home to a stuffy flat. Opening all the windows just won’t cut it during the sweltering heat, you need air conditioning which will ensure you can enjoy your time at home and sleep well throughout the summer.

Particularly in London, the heat paired with the business can be tiring, and coming home in the evening should be a time for you to relax and feel comfortable. Investing in an air conditioning unit will allow you to set a timer so your flat is at the perfect temperature when you arrive home.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Most conventional air conditioning units require an external unit, however many apartments in London and other cities are not able to have this. A water-cooled air conditioning system is the ideal solution for flats, as it doesn’t require an external unit or planning permission. It can even be hidden away in a cupboard and will use the water mains to remove heat with minimal noise.

There is no reason for you to be throwing the quilts off at night and tossing and turning because of the heat, we’re here to solve all of your stuffy problems. The difference an air conditioning unit can make to your home is huge and you will begin to feel the benefits instantly with a more positive attitude and consistent sleep routine. Don’t let the restrictions stop you having a comfortable summer, head into the new season with our popular air conditioning solutions for apartments and put the days of a stuffy flat behind you!

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