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Take a look at our recent landmark installations

Armed with over 30 years experience in providing high performance air conditioning solutions (both air and water cooled air conditioning) for a vast range of clients in and around the capital, we have built up fantastic portfolio of both residential and commercial projects.

We understand that no two properties are the same and we are committed to finding the best air conditioning solution for your individual property requirements.

Here’s a closer look at some of our most recent projects.

Charles Street – London Mayfair

This project seen us install a water-cooled internal condenser in the master bedroom of an apartment in Mayfair. The client was unable to install an air conditioning system with an external condenser, so got in touch with us.

We fitted a water cooled internal condenser, which allows everything to be retained within the property (an air conditioning solution with no outside condenser box).

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London Highbury – Highbury stadium square

As with many apartments and flats, property owners are often restricted on the type of air conditioning unit they can install due to the fact that these types of properties are not able to accommodate a traditional external condenser.

However for this client, who lives in the prestigious Highbury Stadium Square development in London, we were able to provide an alternative solution by fitting a water-cooled internal condenser instead.

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London Battersea – Altura tower

For this project, we installed a water-cooled system into a 9th floor apartment where a conventional air con unit with external wall ventilation was neither practicable nor desirable.

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Airport House

This high profile project involved us installing Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Units Airport House, which was formally known as Croydon Airport and the first major airport in 1916. It’s now one of the leading serviced offices in Croydon for a number of businesses.

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Hever Castle and Gardens

We’ve been servicing and installing air conditioning for Hever Castle for a number of years and have continued to we tailor our AC services according to their requirements.

Of course, these projects are just the tip of the iceberg… we have worked on a vast range of other AC installation projects in and around the capital, constantly adapting our services to meet the bespoke needs of all our clients.

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