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Things To Consider When Installing Air Conditioning In Your Home

When it comes to regulating the temperature throughout your home, season to season, installing an air conditioning system can be a great way to keep your favorite spaces comfortable all year round. To ensure you install the correct unit, there are a few things to consider when installing air conditioning in your home.

Installing a high-performance air conditioning system in your home has many benefits. There are, however, some common mistakes and myths to keep in mind when choosing the ideal system for your property. AC allows you to reduce humidity, control comfort levels, and improve air quality in your property. It could even help you to reduce your energy bills!

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining the things you should consider when installing air conditioning. From deciding on the size of the unit you need, to understanding the square footage and layout of your home.

Here are the key things you should consider when installing an air conditioning unit in your home:

  1. The number of rooms that need air conditioning
  2. Your preferred method of delivery
  3. The construction type of the walls and ceilings
  4. Size of the rooms you are looking to cool
  5. Number, size and direction of windows in the room
  6. Property planning restrictions

How many rooms need air conditioning?

One of the first things that you need to consider is how many units you want to install. If you are looking to install a single unit for one room, you will be looking at a split air conditioning system. Wall mounted air conditioners are usually the most popular option here. If you are looking to add multiple units throughout your home, a multi split or ducted system will be your best option. The option most suitable for your property is down to the construction of your home, your budget and personal preference.

What is your preferred method of delivery?

For UK homes there are two types of AC that you can install, wall mounted or ducted air conditioning.

wall mounted air conditioner in living room

Wall Mounted Units

Wall units consist of a rectangular unit that you mount in a high or low position on your wall. They are popular for their versatility and are available in different colours and sizes, making them easy to accommodate your preferences and décor. This type of unit is the most cost effective option. You have the option to install up to five units to a single condenser, each with separate temperature control.

ducted air conditioning in living room

Ducted Units

Ducted units are more expensive to install than wall units but are far more discreet. These units are installed in a suspended ceiling with only small vent grilles remaining visible. Similar to wall units, you can add up to five units to a single condenser. The only difference is that the whole system can only be set to one temperature through a wall-mounted control panel.

What is the construction type of the walls and ceilings?

Why is this important? So you can determine the type of unit that your home can accommodate. For example, ducted air conditioning is typically installed in a suspended ceiling. If you don’t have a false or suspended ceiling, we would recommend opting for a wall-mounted unit.

What is the size of the room that you are looking to cool?

The size of the space you are looking to cool will determine the size of the air conditioner you need to accommodate the space. Large open-plan spaces will require more powerful or even multiple units than compared to the average-sized room.

What are the number, size and direction of windows?

When it comes to the installation of your new air conditioning system, it’s important that you think about the best location for your new unit. This is because it will have a huge impact on how well your AC unit performs.

Windows are a crucial factor to consider when choosing an AC unit. The more natural and direct sunlight a room gets throughout the day, the warmer it will be. You would therefore require a more powerful unit to accommodate the additional heat. In addition, a unit that is installed facing direct sunlight or close to plants and trees, will not perform as well as a unit that has been installed away from direct sources of light. This is because, natural sources of light that shine directly onto your unit prevent air conditioning units from performing to optimum standard. Use our simple cooling calculator to easily find the ideal sized unit for your space.

Is your property subject to restrictions?

If you live in an apartment or listed building, you will most likely require permission to install a traditional air conditioning system. In cities such as London, air conditioning with external units are often not permitted. If you are in this situation, our water cooled air conditioning units are the ultimate solution. We install these units with an internal condenser. The condenser is plumbed into your mains water supply and uses water in a controlled manner to provide cool air. With water cooled units you will still have the option of wall mounted or ducted units, the only difference is with the condenser unit.

This means that you do not need planning permission and can install these units in apartments and listed buildings. We have installed thousands of units across London and helped many clients get air conditioning in restricted properties.

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