UK experiences a drastic weather change – has spring sprung?

Now that we’re all basking in February’s unseasonal temperatures and unpacking our Spring wardrobe earlier than expected, it’s hard to believe that this time last year the Beast from the East had us all in its grips!

Blanked in heavy snow, the UK descended into chaos, with the severe weather causing countless delays, treacherous roads and severe weather warnings all around the country.

But this year, the weather is the polar opposite, allowing us all to enjoy blue skies and sunshine filled days. It would definitely seem that spring has sprung in the UK! In fact, temperatures have been at their highest for more than 20 years, with the highest temperature recorded in the capital.

And with temperatures peaking at 20 degrees in the heart of London and forecasters predicting that sunshine filled days are set to last until the end of February and into March, many Londoners are already looking at ways to stay cool in this unseasonably warm weather.

So how can you stay cool and comfortable in the heat?

Although its not unusual for London to experience high temperatures during the summer months, February’s unseasonal temperatures have certainly caught everyone off guard.

Here at ACS, we are already seeing a record number of home and business owners looking to install air conditioning to stay cool and comfortable, months ahead of summer.

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