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What is a Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit?

There are a whole host of different options available when it comes to choosing an air conditioning unit to meet your residential or commercial requirements.

In recent years, wall mounted air conditioning units have continued to increase in popularity. Considered a significant investment for your property, this type of AC unit is recognised as one of the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing air conditioning solutions available on the market.

Ideal for enhancing air quality and cooling the spaces you spend the most time in when temperatures soar outside, more people than ever before are investing in air conditioning for their home or business.

We’ve taken a look at some of the advantages of wall mounted air conditioning units…

Cost effective 

One of the main advantages of a wall mounted air conditioning unit is its affordability. Economical and cost effective, without compromising on quality, modern wall mounted AC units offer lower running costs than any other type of air conditioning system, meaning they are an affordable option universally.

Optimise aesthetic appeal 

Proving that style and function can work together with effortless ease, a wall mounted air conditioning unit is sleek, unobtrusive and will not compromise the aesthetic appeal of a wide range of spaces.

Less bulky than other AC units, this type of air conditioning system tends to boast a smaller and more compact design, meaning it will not dominate a room or restrict sources of natural light.

Wall mounted AC units cause very little damage to your existing décor when they are installed, so there will be no need to re-decorate once your new system is in place.

Reliable, flexible and versatile 

Ideal for a diverse range of spaces, wall mountable air conditioning units are available in an extensive range of sizes, capacities, as well as efficiencies.

Allowing you to heat and cool a room without relying on two separate devices, this AC solution will allow you to create a cool, comfortable and inviting living or working space, no matter what time of year it is.

A permanent fixture, you also won’t have to worry about packing away your air conditioning system when it is not required.

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