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Why are water cooled air conditioning installations so popular?

As temperatures are on the rise, it’s time to think about the best ways in which you can control the temperature of your home. No one wants to feel stuck in a hot and stuffy room as it can affect your mood and even your sleeping pattern. Finding a permanent solution to keep the temperature at your preferred level will ensure you can come home sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings comfortably.

Air conditioning has come a long way since the first home system in 1914, and water cooled air conditioning is perfect for residential properties as they are discreet, effective and practical whether you need them throughout your home or just in one room. Many people who live in apartments in London opt for a water cooled system as they are ideal if you can’t have an external condensing box.

Benefits of water cooled air conditioning

• Condensing box can be installed out of sight
• No need to seek planning permission
• No need to drill holes to the exterior of your property
• Controlled temperature
• Can be installed anywhere
• Low noise output
• Ideal for apartments and listed buildings as no need for external box

If you’re feeling the heat already, just think what it will be like when the summer months hit. After all, since the first air conditioned car in 1939, we expect the temperature to be cool in our vehicles, our workplace, restaurants and shops, so why not our homes?

Here at ACS, we provide tailored air conditioning solutions in London and home counties  that can be installed anywhere in your home, so you can feel comfortable no matter the time of year. We can discuss constraints, solutions and ways in which you can have air conditioning that works for you. Get in touch today to arrange your free air conditioning installation survey.

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