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Water Cooled Air Conditioning – keeping your apartment cool

You’ve designed the perfect apartment and now you want to create the ultimate, comfortable relaxing atmosphere and that means getting the temperature just right, all year round.

Surely integrating an air conditioning unit will disrupt the style and décor of your apartment?

The good news is, that’s simply not true. It’s now possible to integrate a high performance air conditioning unit in both apartments and flats that will allow you to enjoy cool and comfortable living spaces, without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Water-cooled internal condensers are perfect for air conditioning systems in apartment and flats. This is because this type of AC unit requires no planning permission or an outside condenser, meaning they are the ideal solution for apartments, listed buildings and properties with limited space, which account for the vast majority of the capital property landscape.

And with Spring only a matter of weeks away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about investing in or updating your air conditioning unit, so that you are ready for when the temperatures soar.

After all, with temperature frequently reaching 30 degrees or more during the summer months, it can become almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep or even escape the heat in comfort.

What are the benefits of water-cooled internal condenser units?

• Ideal for listed buildings, apartments, offices and shop units within shopping centres, where an outside condenser box or external vents are unsuitable.
• The condensing unit is hidden within the property and uses mains water in a controlled manner to remove heat.
• Low noise output.
• No planning permission, so you can sit back and relax, whatever the Great British weather!

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