wall mounted internal water cooled air conditioning in living room

Water Cooled Internal Air Conditioning – An Ultimate Guide

What Is Water-Cooled Internal Air-Conditioning?

If you live in a city such as London, property restrictions are common. This can often limit the type of air conditioning you can install. This is usually concerned with the external condenser that comes with a traditional air conditioner. As a result, you will require an alternative solution. This is where water cooled internal air conditioning comes into play.

So, what is a water-cooled internal air conditioner? Simply put, it is an air conditioning system with an internal condenser as opposed to a traditional external condenser unit. Water cooled systems are plumbed directly into your water supply. They use the cold water in a controlled manner to cool the air through the piping system. 

In What Types of Properties Can You Install Internal Air-Conditioning?

Water-cooled systems are there to help homeowners with property restrictions. They to allow you to install air conditioning in your home without planning permission. It is currently the only alternative to a traditional air conditioning system.

These units are suitable to install in apartments, flats, listed buildings and homes with property restrictions or limited space.  

Where are the internal condenser units installed?

One of the advantages of water-cooled systems is that engineers install and hide the condenser in a concealed space. This includes cupboards or under the kitchen sink. This means that you do not have to compromise on the visual aesthetic of your home.

How long does it take to install?

A typical single split type of AC unit will take 1-2 days to install. We can give you a more accurate estimate once we know more about your property and your requirements.

How much noise do water cooled units produce?

Modern units are very quiet. In the workplace, you rarely notice them. For residential installations, night set back settings slow the fans down to reduce the cooling requirement in line with falling ambient temperatures. This means that although modern units are already very quiet, night settings allow you to reduce noise even further.

What type of internal units can I install in my home?

wall mounted internal water cooled air conditioner in living room

Wall Mounted Units

Wall mounted air conditioning units are one of the most common installations for residential properties. They are popular for their cost and versatility. Wall mounted units are also quick and easy to install. Available in different colours and sizes, they are easy to tailor to your specific requirements.

ducted air conditioning in living room

Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioning units are a more discreet type of AC solution. The only visible element are the vent grilles in the wall or ceiling. This type of unit is usually installed in a false or suspended ceiling. They are also typically more expensive to install than wall mounted units.

How much does water cooled air conditioning cost to run?

The electrical power consumption of an average size AC system will be little more than a domestic fridge. Additionally, the cost of the water consumption element depends on how and what you pay for your water, and indeed the usage characteristics of the user. Water consumption rates vary on unit size and our specialists can advise you according to your requirements.

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