wall mounted air conditioning unit

What Are Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning Units?

You may have come across the terms internal or water cooled air conditioning, but let’s look at what that means exactly. So, what are internal water cooled air conditioning units? Internal air conditioners are an alternative solution for properties that cannot install a traditional external condenser. This could be due to property restrictions where you cannot make alterations to the external walls such as Grade II listed buildings and apartments.

How Does Internal Air Conditioning Work?

Internal water cooled air conditioners are plumbed directly into your mains water supply. They use the water in a controlled manner to cool the air through the piping system. Whereas traditional air conditioners have an external condenser unit, water cooled units have a compact internal condenser. This internal condenser is typically installed in a concealed space such as under the kitchen sink or hallway cupboard. The condenser connects to the fan unit through refrigerant piping hidden in the walls and ceiling.

What are the benefits of internal air conditioning?

Internal air conditioning offers many benefits for those with property restrictions. Some of the main benefits include:

  • No external condenser – traditional external AC condensers can be unsightly and noisy, which can cause problems for your neighbours. Depending on the property and location, they may also require planning permission.
  • No planning permission required – we contain the entire system within your property so you do not need to worry about acquiring any permission for installation.
  • Internal condenser hidden – so you don’t need to compromise on the visual aesthetic of your home.

Features of Our Internal Water cooled units

  • Firstly, we import our internal units from our Italian partner, Parkair. Established in the market as successful Italian product with low energy consumption, we can guarantee that our internal units are high quality.
  • These units are energy efficient with an A+++/A++ energy rating, meaning that you won’t significantly increase your energy bills.
  • You don’t need to worry about getting a good night’s sleep again because our water cooled units feature low noise & Wi-Fi control. Some units also feature sleep modes which reduces fan speed for a quiet night’s sleep.
  • The internal condenser means that you do not need to worry about obtaining planning permission or risk noise complaints from your neighbours. The entire system operates quietly from inside your property.
  • Like conventional AC systems, these units filter out pollutants such as dust and pollen from your indoor space. In addition, they dehumidify the air which reduces the risk of damp and mould.

Types of internal air conditioners

wall mounted air conditioning unit

Wall mounted

Wall mounted units are the most popular, cost effective and versatile type of AC. Available in different colours and sizes, you can easily tailor them to your requirements. They are easily retrofitted which allows for fast installation.

ducted air conditioning unit


Ducted units are more expensive to install but are discreet than wall units. The only visible element are the small grilles in the walls or ceiling. These come in different designs. Ducted systems are managed with a wall mounted controller. They require a false or suspended ceiling for installation.

ceiling cassette air conditioning unit

Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling cassette units are more common in commercial properties. Featuring four-way air flow, they provide balanced cooling and are ideal for open plan spaces. They are popular in modern offices and restaurants. They are discreet with only the front panel remaining visible. Installation requires a false or suspended ceiling.

Talk to the experts

At ACS Installations, we are certified experts in internal air conditioning solutions. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We dedicate ourselves to provide the best customer service. Our team of friendly F-Gas engineers are available for free consultations and site surveys. If you are looking for advice or want to learn more about internal water cooled air conditioning units, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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