Internal Air Conditioning for London Buildings

Why do London property owners choose an internal air conditioning solution?

With spring time fast approaching and the lighter evenings slowly making a welcomed appearance, many of us are already looking forward to long summer days, holidays and blue skies.

However, although summer is all fun and games when you have the time to relax in the heat without a care in the world, living and working in the summer months can be difficult for many, especially those living and working in the capital.

This is one of the reasons why more people than ever before are investing in high performance internal air conditioning solutions in both residential and commercial environments.

But why do people choose an internal air conditioning solution?

Control the temperature at work or home

One of the main advantages of internal air conditioning is that you will be able to control the temperature at work or home, keeping the spaces that you spend the most time in cool and comfortable all year round. And of course, a good air conditioning system will not only allow you to circulate cool air when it is needed but it will also help you to control air quality.

Optimise productivity

When it is stifling hot outside and you are living and working in a space with no air conditioning, it can have a huge impact on productivity.

And the same goes for retail environments too… footfall can take a real hit as many employees and customers struggle with an increase in temperature.

What are the benefits of an internal air conditioning solution?

• A water-cooled air conditioning unit does not require an external outside condenser box.
• This type of AC unit uses mains water in a controlled manner in order to effectively remove heat from a wide range of spaces.
• Low noise output
• No planning permission is required

Here at ACS Installations, we specialise in providing a wide range of air conditioning units that are suitable for use in a wide range of different properties, including apartments, flats and listed buildings in London!Get in touch today to find out more.