Why home owners opt for air conditioning with no outside unit

Installing air conditioning allows you to enjoy your home all year round and manage the temperature in a way that suits you. When it comes to the installation, many properties may not be able to have an air con system with no outdoor unit. This can be due to building constraints, if you live in a listed property, or even in an apartment block. However, your air conditioning can still be met by fitting a water cooled internal condenser.

What is a water cooled internal condenser?

Our self-contained, water cooled internal condenser provides the perfect air conditioning solution for properties that cannot have an external condenser. They require no planning permission and are suitable for a range of properties, even those with limited space.

Why choose this system?

• Perfect for homes with restrictions on installing an outside condenser
• Quiet operation and low noise output
• As previously mentioned, no planning permission is required for fitting
• The air conditioning unit can be hidden within the property
• Uses mains water in a controlled system to remove heat
• You can control your air conditioning through Wi-Fi

Here at ACS, we provide air conditioning solutions for each individual property, ensuring your needs are met and your home can be comfortable all year round. Once you have your AC installed, we also provide maintenance, repairs and services to keep your air con in the best condition possible at all times. Thanks to our expertise and resources, we have a large number of repeat customers and referrals for our services. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements>>