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The World’s Coldest Places

There are countries in all corners of the globe that experience extreme climates.

From the hottest places on earth to the coldest places, extreme climates can have a huge impact of human habitation.

We’ve taken a look at some of the coldest places on the planet…

Alaska USA

Experiencing sub-arctic temperatures for the majority of the year, Prospect Creek in Alaska has to endure long winters and short summers. Situated approximately 180 miles north of Fairbanks and 25 miles southeast of Bettles, this small settlement frequently sees temperatures drop to below -52C.

Eismitte, Greenland

Meaning Ice-Centre in German, Eismitte in Greenland is situated on the interior Arctic side of Greenland and often seed sees temperatures drop to an eye watering -64 C. Almost inhabitable, here you will see ice for as far as the eye can see.

Oymyakon – Russia

Oymyakon in Russia is famous around the world for its extreme subarctic climate and as a result the ground is permanently frozen. In 1924, a Russian scientist recorded the lowest temperature registered for any inhabited destination on earth!

Vostok – Antarctica

Here you will find a Russian Antarctic Research station situated at the southern Pole of Cold. Vostok experiences the lowest temperatures in August when the rest of us are basking in glorious sunshine!

North Ice – Greenland

Widely recognised as the fifth-coldest place in the world, North Ice in Greenland is a research station situated on the inland ice of Greenland. The lowest temperature ever recorded here was -86.6F. Brrr that’s enough to send shivers down your spine, right?

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