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The World’s Hottest Cities

When the sun’s shining, everything seems better, right? However, for many people living in some of the hottest cities in the world, living and working in the heat can become quite a task!

After all, life doesn’t stop when the temperatures soar! People in all corners of the world are still expected to brave the city in extreme heat and conduct their day-to-day business.

We’ve taken a look at some of the world’s hottest cities that have to learn to live in extreme heat all year round.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas experiences extreme temperatures like no other US city. Located in the heart of Nevada’s Arid Desert, temperatures regularly reach 40 degrees or more, making it almost impossible to work, sleep or play in environments with no shade or air conditioning.

Las Vegas is one of the hottest locations in the entire Western Hemisphere, causing many problems for unprepared tourists and people who have to work outdoors.

Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is not one of the hottest cities in the world, this major business hub had to make it onto our list due to its sauna-style tropical heat that sees commuters face extreme levels of humidity on a daily basis.

Melbourne, Australia

Situated between Australia’s cool Southern Ocean coast and Australia’s outback areas, Melbourne frequently experiences summer temperatures that exceed 46 degrees! Oh, and you will be hard pushed to find an office in Melbourne that does not have a powerful AC unit!

Jazan City, Saudi Arabia

Jazan City is a port on Saudi Arabai’s Red Sea Coast and is widely recognised as one of the hottest cities in the world.

In fact, it is known as one of the most consistently warm cities in the world, experiencing stifling heat all year round.

Of course, when the temperature rises outside, a great way to stay cool and comfortable inside is to install an air conditioning unit. There are a wide range of AC units available that are idea for regulating the temperature and air quality inside commercial and residential properties!

And, it’s not just your typical far-flung destinations that can benefit from air conditioning…here in the UK, temperatures regularly reach 30 degrees during the summer months.

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