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Bespoke air conditioning solutions for your residential or commercial space.

What we offer

At ACS, we advise and install a range of solutions for commercial and residential properties in London and Home Counties. This includes buildings that may be restricted by conventional air con solutions such as listed buildings, conservation areas, loft conversions, retail, and restaurant space. We are approved installers for all major air conditioning manufacturers. As a result, we can accommodate projects from single rooms to large scale commercial and retail premises. In addition, we have over 30 years’ experience, so we have the expertise and resources to ensure that you will be completely satisfied.

our Air Conditioning solutions

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Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Water cooled air conditioning uses water instead of air. Condensing unit is self-contained so no outside unit required.

Through the wall

Through the wall air conditioning units are fitted directly through your wall using a wall sleeve. No outside unit is required.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning units are a versatile solution suitable for many rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms and offices.

Ceiling Cassette Units

Ceiling cassette units are mounted in the ceiling. They are ideal in large rooms with suspended ceilings to accommodate the unit and provide even air distribution.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning units are designed to be completely concealed. You can also opt for ducted air conditioning without an outside unit.