Ceiling Cassette Units

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Units
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Install a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are mounted, as the name suggests, in the ceiling. They are most effective installed in a suspended ceiling where there is room to accommodate the unit. Ceiling mounting provides excellent coverage and can cover a fairly large room. Being in the ceiling also means this type of air conditioning system is discreet and out of the way.

Parkair Ceiling Cassette Unit

Our Ceiling Cassette air conditioning units

  • Energy Class A+/A++
  • Gas R32
  • Power 3.5 KW – 5.2 KW
  • Slim Design H 26CM
  • Maximum Silence

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Since starting in 2002, ACS Installations is the leading supplier of conditioning products and installations in London and Home Counties.

We offer a bespoke installation service to suit your needs and requirements. If you are looking for an internal air conditioning system, we should be your first choice. 

We have installed hundreds of internal condensers all over London and the Home Counties.

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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning System Features

Guaranteed Quality

We have accreditations from F-Gas and more so you are in safe hands.

No Outside Unit

We are the pioneers of water cooled air conditioning units in the country.

Energy Efficient Units

Our units are optimised to function at maximum efficiency.

Even Air Distribution

The four way air flow can be distributed evenly or in a specific direction.

Easy Controls

Easy to control with a central temperature to cater to your needs.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Our London based help desk engineers can assist you when you need us.

Where to install Ceiling Cassette air Conditioning

Ceiling cassette units are an ideal solution for a wide range of commercial properties. The four way air flow allows for even cooling distribution which is ideal for large spaces. They are also designed to be almost entirely hidden within a suspended ceiling, making them an aesthetically pleasing addition to your commercial space.

ceiling cassette air conditioning in office

If you work in a small office space, ceiling cassette units offer an effective solution to maintain your office temperature.

ceiling cassette air conditioner in clothes shop
Retail Spaces

Ceiling cassette units are on of the most popular air conditioning solutions for retail spaces.

ceiling cassette air conditioner in serv
Server Rooms

Ideal for server rooms, ceiling cassette units enable you to keep your IT equipment protected all year around.

ceiling cassette air conditioner in school/college
Schools & Colleges

Ceiling cassette units are ideal for larger spaces with multiple areas that need cooling such as lecture rooms.

ceiling cassette air conditioner unit in restaurant


Ceiling cassette units are a popular air conditioning solution for restaurants. The four way air flow allows for even distribution.

How it works

Ceiling cassette units are installed within a suspended ceiling. Traditional air cooled units are connected to an outdoor condenser unit which releases the warm air taken from within the building. Internal water cooled air conditioning units are plumbed into your water supply and use water in a controlled manner to provide cool air. They are an ideal solution for restricted buildings where an outside condenser is not allowed.

Four Way Air Flow
Internal Condenser
ceiling cassette air conditioning how it works diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions about our ceiling cassette air conditioning  answered

Modern units are very quiet. In the workplace, you rarely notice them while in bedrooms at night time certain specific night set back settings slow the fans down to reduce the cooling requirement in line with falling ambient temperatures.

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