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Bespoke internal water cooled air conditioning system installations in London & Home Counties.

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Water Cooled Air Conditioning Solutions For Residential & Commercial Properties

Have you been told that you cannot install an air conditioner with an external unit due to property restrictions? Our internal air conditioning solutions are ideal for those who live or work in restricted buildings or have limited space. From versatile wall mounted units to discreet ducted systems, we have a solution to meet your requirements. 

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What Are Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioners?

Water cooled units are an alternative air conditioning solution for restricted properties. They require no planning permission as the condenser unit is installed inside the property. They are suitable to install in apartments and Grade II listed buildings.  

Suitable For Apartments
No Outside Unit


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Over 30 Years Of Air Conditioning Expertise

Since starting in 2002, ACS Installations is the leading supplier of conditioning products and installations in London and Home Counties.

We offer a bespoke installation service to suit your needs and requirements. If you are looking for an internal air conditioning system, we should be your first choice. 

We have installed hundreds of internal condensers all over London and the Home Counties.

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Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed Quality

We have accreditations from F-Gas and more so you are in safe hands.

Price Match

Found a lower price for a water cooled air conditioning system? We'll match it!

Free Site Survey

Our aim is to help you find the ideal system for your space.

Water Cooled Systems

We are the pioneers of water cooled air conditioning units in the country.

No Outdoor Condenser

We install AC units that do not require an outside condenser.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Our London based help desk engineers can assist you when you need us.


How It Works

Water cooled systems are plumbed directly into your water supply. They use the cold water in a controlled manner to cool the air through the piping system. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, water cooled units do not require an outdoor unit. The internal condenser is usually hidden within the property in a concealed space such as a cupboard or under the kitchen sink.

Mains Water Supply
Internal Condenser
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Where to Install

For residential spaces, wall mounted units are ideal for rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, lofts, living spaces, conservatories and lofts. For commercial spaces they are ideal in small office spaces such as meeting rooms; retail spaces where an outside condenser is not permitted such as in shopping centers and to protect IT equipment in server rooms.  



Ideal for restricted properties such as apartments where an outdoor condenser unit is not allowed.
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Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

If you live in a Grade II listed building, an internal unit can be installed with no planning permission required.
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Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

Ideal for rooms throughout your home, including loft conversions with limited space or planning restrictions.
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Effective solution for office spaces with planning restrictions to maintain an optimal climate.
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Retail Spaces

Retail Spaces

If you own a small retail space with restrictions, water cooled units allow you to install air conditioning internally.
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Server Rooms

Server Rooms

Ideal for server rooms, internal units enable you to keep your IT equipment protected all year around.
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What our Customers Say

Patty CarterPatty Carter
23:38 08 Jul 22
Was very pleased with the work, very friendly and professional and they informed me of everything that they were doing. Going to tell all my friends about Various Comfort Solutions.
Michael EwingMichael Ewing
20:23 17 Sep 20
Job was done quickly with no hassle. Well worth the investment.
Lucas HumphriesLucas Humphries
20:06 17 Sep 20
Fantastic service! Really genuine and honest, always kept me in the loop. They were very efficient and the product itself was very much worth it. Highly recommend.
Talha FazlaniTalha Fazlani
13:22 17 Sep 20
I am glad I came across All Comfort Solutions because they are one of the few that offer and install water cooled air conditioning units in the London area. Living in a building where we are not allowed to have outdoor units can limit your choices, but the solution offered by ACS helped us overcome that.Highly recommended!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Water Cooled Internal Condenser Units

Yes, installing water cooled air conditioning or through the wall air conditioning is the only option you have in a listed or restricted property. Contact us if you would like to discuss getting water based AC in your home.

The electrical power consumption of an average size AC system will be little more than a domestic fridge. The cost of the water consumption element depends on how and what you pay for your water, and indeed the usage characteristics of the user. Water consumption rates vary on unit size and our specialists can advise you according to your requirements.

A typical single split type AC unit will take 1-2 days to install. We can give you a good estimate if you contact us and inform us about your property and what you require.

In water based air conditioners, water is used throughout the system. There are some water based air conditioning systems in the market, such as evaporative coolers, but they are not as efficient as a traditional air conditioning system.

A water cooled system, which we offer is a traditional AC system but with the addition of water use. The features we list above are not available through the other water based system.

Modern units are very quiet. In the workplace, you rarely notice them while in bedrooms at night time certain specific night set back settings slow the fans down to reduce the cooling requirement in line with falling ambient temperatures.

In most cases no, water based AC has the internal condenser hidden in your own home, so there is no need for permission.

Air conditioning works by way of transferring heat from the air inside a room into the internal gas and then pumped along the pipework to an outdoor unit where the gas transfers the heat to the external air. The heat exchange process happens when the internal air is passed over a heat exchanger coil called an evaporator. Inside this evaporator is refrigerant that boils off at a very low temperature making the coil very cold. When the warm air passes over it then heat is absorbed from the air into the coil. The reverse happens with the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit.

The only difference is the condenser unit and its placement. The water cooled condenser is installed inside the property and plumbed into the mains water supply as opposed to fixed to an external wall. It uses water instead of air, in a controlled manner, to remove heat from the room.  


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