Commercial Air Conditioning

Bespoke air conditioning units for your commercial space.

Air Conditioning for commercial properties

Air conditioning is essential in modern office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, apartment blocks, server rooms and other workspaces. For example, in shops and restaurants, customers have come to expect a comfortable shopping and dining experience. Ignoring this expectation can lead to unhappy customers and can have a negative impact on sales and profit as a result. 

In addition, IT equipment in offices and server rooms require cool temperatures in order to preserve their functionality. Likewise, it is known that a comfortable work environment has directly resulted in increased staff productivity and focus. 

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Air Conditioning for restricted properties

Some businesses can be restricted on the type of air conditioning unit they can install. With conventional air conditioning, an outdoor condenser is usually installed. 

If your commercial property has restrictions or limited space, we can provide an alternative cooling solution with our through the wall or water cooled systems. These units require no outside condenser and can help you overcome any property restrictions as a result. 

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Types of Commercial Spaces

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​We can offer you customised office solutions, creating the right environment for you and your colleagues.


Providing an enjoyable experience in a shop or retail outlet is vital to keep customers shopping and happy.

Schools & Colleges

It is essential to get the right temperature for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to help concentration levels.


An efficient air conditioning system in a restaurant is a one of the key factors which influences the overall dining experience. Customers expect a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Data Server Rooms

Installation of an air conditioning system is essential for a data server room. IT equipment needs to operate at certain temperatures to work efficiently and to prevent damage

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Why do London Property Owners choose internal air conditioning solutions?

Internal air conditioning units are the ideal solution to help overcome common obstacles faced by London property owners.