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It is essential to get the right temperature for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to help concentration levels and increase productivity of staff and students. Having an air-conditioned environment can overcome this problem. Exam time during summer is particularly important as temperatures can soar over 30°C, particularly in London schools and other educational establishments. Hot stuffy rooms, leave teachers and pupils, feeling stressed, dehydrated and tired, making conditions uncomfortable. A number of old educational establishments do not have any ventilation, and crowded spaces can lead to overheating.


Different types of premises require air conditioning and temperature controlled environments such as in teaching rooms, lecture theatres, sport halls, kitchens, laboratories, and IT rooms, changing rooms, food tech rooms, and anywhere where heat build up causes a problem. There are a number of health benefits in having air conditioning, as this purifies the air in the classroom. Bacteria and germs are eliminated from the air supply circulating in your room and this keeps your students, tutors, teachers and staff members alert and illness free.

Air Conditioning for schools or college

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We can help you install an air-con no matter what type of property you operate in.

ACS will install and maintain your air conditioning system, tailored to your school buildings needs and requirements. We offer a range of air conditioning unit types, from conventional installation to internal or water cooled air conditioning units, (with no outside box).

Our team will come and visit and help you plan the installation, as well as advise on the best type of solution for you. We install air conditioning for all schools and educational establishments in the London, South East and Home Counties.

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We install air conditioning units that do not require an outside condenser in your home or workspace.

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