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It is essential to get the right temperature for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to help concentration levels and increase productivity of staff and students. This is particularly important around exam time when temperatures can soar over 30 °C. Hot and stuffy rooms leave teachers and pupils feeling stressed, dehydrated and tired, making conditions uncomfortable. Installing an air conditioning system can help regulate and maintain room temperatures throughout the premises. It will also help to purify the air and reduce e the amount of bacteria and germs circulating the room.

At ACS, we will install and maintain your air conditioning system, tailored to your school buildings needs and requirements. We offer a range of air conditioning unit types, from conventional installations to internal or water cooled air conditioning units with no external condenser.

Our team offer free site visits to help you plan the installation. Our expert engineers will advise on the best type of solution for you. We install air conditioning for all schools and educational establishments in London and Home Counties.

Wall Mounted Units

Wall mounted units are a popular and versatile solution for schools and colleges. Our wall mounted units are available in different sizes and colours and can easily be tailored to suit your style and needs. We install wall mounted units from a range of manufacturers.

A single unit is ideal for smaller spaces, but can accommodate larger rooms with multiple units. In addition, they are one of the more cost-effective air conditioning solutions. 

Versatile Application
No external unit

Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioning units are usually installed and concealed in a suspended ceiling. The only visible element are small grilles in the ceiling. These grilles come in different designs, the most suitable option will be advised to you by our expert engineers.

In addition, reverse conditioning cycle allows for heating, enabling effective climate control all year around, making them great for educational buildings. For restricted buildings, we can install ducted air conditioning with no external unit. 

No External Unit

Ceiling Cassette Units

Ceiling cassette units are one of the most common air conditioning solutions for educational spaces. The unit is best installed within a suspended ceiling, with only the front panel visible. Cassette units are discreet and visually appealing, making them perfect for school buildings.

One of the key benefits of a ceiling cassette unit is four-way air flow that allows for even cooling distribution. As a result, it is ideal for large spaces with multiple areas that need cooling such as lecture theatres.

Ideal for Large Rooms
Modern Design

Water Cooled Units

Building restrictions often mean that a traditional external condenser unit cannot be installed. Some institutions are therefore restricted on the type of air conditioning they can install. We can provide the alternative cooling solution with water cooled condensing units.

These units use mains water to provide cool air. In addition, they operate with low power consumption and enhanced efficiency.

No External Unit
Water Cooled


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Patty CarterPatty Carter
23:38 08 Jul 22
Was very pleased with the work, very friendly and professional and they informed me of everything that they were doing. Going to tell all my friends about Various Comfort Solutions.
Michael EwingMichael Ewing
20:23 17 Sep 20
Job was done quickly with no hassle. Well worth the investment.
Lucas HumphriesLucas Humphries
20:06 17 Sep 20
Fantastic service! Really genuine and honest, always kept me in the loop. They were very efficient and the product itself was very much worth it. Highly recommend.
Talha FazlaniTalha Fazlani
13:22 17 Sep 20
I am glad I came across All Comfort Solutions because they are one of the few that offer and install water cooled air conditioning units in the London area. Living in a building where we are not allowed to have outdoor units can limit your choices, but the solution offered by ACS helped us overcome that.Highly recommended!


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