Internal air conditioning for flats and homes in London

Water cooled (internal) air conditioning systems are one the most popular types of installations, which we do for our client base, particularly in London homes, as it’s suitable for almost every space and offers a number of benefits, with minimum restrictions.This type of internal air conditioning is self-contained and ideal for properties that cannot have an outside condenser or an external unit on the exterior of their building.

We have provided and installed this type of internal air conditioning system across many different areas of London including:

Highbury Square

Highbury Square is an apartment complex located in Highbury, London. It is actually a redevelopment of what was once the old Highbury Stadium site which was the home of Arsenal F.C until 2006! And this vibrant residential square has a lot to offer including a new central garden and modern apartments that epitomise urban living. Check out one of  our case studies >>

Cadogan Square

Located in Knightsbridge, West London, we have installed water cooled solutions for residents in Cadogan square. This square is known as being one of the most desirable residential streets in the whole of the UK. Here you will find a whole host of stunning properties, including a number of impressive buildings that are used for diplomatic and educational purposes.

Caledonian Road

Passing through the London Borough of Islington, Caledonian Road is mostly residential with both new and old developments. Also known as London’s answer to Brick Lane, there’s plenty to see and do in the area including a diverse range of restaurants from different cultures.

Curzon Street

Located in the exclusive Mayfair district of London, Curzon Street is within the City of Westminster and was previously named Mayfair Row. Boasting a whole host of upmarket shops, luxurious properties and London’s largest selection of five star restaurants and hotels, the area is one of the capital’s most exclusive postcodes.

Charles Street

Named after a member of the Berkley family, Charles Street is also in the Mayfair district of London. Most properties in this street were constructed between 1745 – 50. Read more about an air conditioning flat installation we did in Mayfair>>

If you live in London or surrounding areas, and would like to find out how a water cooled air conditioning system can make your living space more comfortable all year round, get in touch today. Here at ACS, we are experts in a range of permanent AC solutions and provide a bespoke service based on your property.